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Nice Bike Rack in Truck Bed

The evolution of the Nice Bike Rack began in January 2022. An employee of SJK Machine spent months looking for a bike rack for the bed of his truck. He was tired of laying his bike down in the bed of the truck, and constantly worrying about damaging his bike. One day he mentioned to the owner of SJK Machine, that he has been looking for a bike rack to put in the bed of his truck. He said ”I will build you one”, so the evolution of Nice Bike Rack began. After researching and talking to bike shops, the first design was made. This first design turned into 3 months of redesigning, trying it out, redesigning, and putting the final product into production. The evolution turned into a bike rack for the bed of the truck and used for bike storage in the garage. The search for a bike rack/storage rack made in the USA has been solved.

Nice Bike Rack is for the bed of your pickup truck when you travel or to save room and store in your garage or shed when you're not.

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