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why choose the nice bike rack

The installation is simple, just open it up, and slide the lightweight bike rack into position in the bed of your truck.

With all aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic parts your bike rack will be protected from the elements.

Can be folded up easily and stored in the truck, garage, or any small place.

Has 2 locking holes to secure to your truck bed and bike rack.

Nice Bike Rack can hold 3 bikes inside your truck bed without taking off the tires.

Nice Bike Rack can store 3 bikes vertically to save space in your garage.

The Nice Bike Rack is made of excellent material for long-lasting use.

Can transport several different models without having adjustments.

Can be custom colored to meet your favorite color scheme.

Made in the USA

The rubber bumpers protect your truck bed from the bike rack.

A unique feature of the rack is that it works as a standalone rack when not installed into the bed of the truck.

Same rack for transportation and storage.

Very easy to install and uninstall when not in use.

You are getting a rack with dual-purpose.

Depending on the version- the rack weighs between 12-16 lbs.

Excellent craftsmanship that will keep your bike safe and secure on the way to your destination.

Nice Bike Rack leaves your hitch available for the rest of your adventure gear.

Securely holds the bike as you drive to your destination.

Safer and more secure than throwing the bike in the bed of your truck.

Does not require any drilling, or specialized tools.​

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